・Proprietary technology platform allows for efficient and selective delivery of oligonucleotide-based therapies to target immune cells.
・Significantly shortens the period from target identification to lead optimization for oligonucleotide-based drug development.
・Dual-pronged development approach encompasses both internal development programs, as well as collaborative development efforts.


NapaJen Pharma is a clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company leveraging its proprietary immune cell-targeted oligonucleotide delivery technology to develop novel therapeutics.
While nucleic acid-based drugs have demonstrated significant therapeutic potential, their efficient and targeted delivery has presented key challenges to drug developers. This is largely due to the high instability, low bioavailability and poor cellular uptake associated with oligonucleotides. NapaJen Pharma has developed a novel solution designed to overcome these delivery challenges. Our proprietary approach creates oligonucleotide therapeutics that bind directly to Dectin-1, a cell surface receptor expressed on antigen-presenting immune cells such as dendric cells or macrophages.
Furthermore, by leveraging our unique in-house platform technology, we can significantly reduce the time required for the identification of novel nucleic acid drug candidates.
Based on this unique delivery technology, NapaJen Pharma is enabling the development of its own internal drug candidates, as well as positioning itself as a partner-of-choice for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop their own novel oligonucleotide therapeutics.

True Precision Medicine Meets Precision Delivery

By loading different oligo drugs onto its cell-specific drug delivery platform, NapaJen has made both
“precision-targeted immunosuppressive treatment” as well as “controlled immuno-stimulation” possible in preclinical models.


DDS:Drug Delivery System


Precision Guided Immuno-therapeutics coupled with “Debdritic Cell Modulation”


NapaJen Pharma’s oligonucleotide delivery platform provides broad opportunities to companies seeking solutions
for development of oligonucleotide therapeutics. These include:

  • Collaboration to create new oligonucleotide therapeutics addressing target genes identified by partner companies
  • Application of NapaJen Pharma’s nucleic acid delivery technology to oligonucleotide drug candidates being developed by partner companies



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