Our novel immune cell-targeted oligonucleotide delivery platform provides a unique framework for driving the creation of high-value oligonucleotide therapeutics. Together with collaborators, we can leverage our platform to create novel oligonucleotide therapeutics based on identified sequences of interest or revive oligonucleotide programs limited by delivery challenges.

Our proprietary technology is able to offer our collaborators several key benefits/opportunities:

  1. Cell-specific, systemic intravenous drug delivery of oligonucleotide drugs to Dectin-1 positive immune cells
  2. Promising safety profile
  3. Rapid creation of novel drug candidates protected by new intellectual property
  4. Applicability to a broad range of nucleic acids allowing for creation of drug candidates against various diseases/conditions

If you are interested in exploring a collaboration with NapaJen, please contact us at :

Kazuhiro Kawauchi
Business Development Dept.
Phone: +81-42-316-6773
cell: +81-70-2493-1146