Drug Discovery and Development Collaboration

Our novel oligonucleotide drug discovery, development and delivery system provides a range of collaboration opportunities including the creation of new oligonucleotide programs, as well as optimizing programs already underway.

Our proprietary technology offers our collaborators several key benefits and opportunities including:

  1. First-of-its-kind cell-specific, systemic intravenous drug delivery of oligonucleotide drugs to Dectin-1 positive immune cells, offering solution to critical oligonucleotide delivery challenges
  2. Applicability to a broad range of nucleic acids allowing for creation of drug candidates against various diseases/conditions including immune disease, cancer, transplantation, and infectious disease
  3. Framework for rapid creation of novel, patent-protected drug candidates from target gene sequence information to lead optimization within one year
  4. Demonstrated activity promising safety profile


Contact NapaJen to Discuss Partnering Opportunities:
If you are interested in exploring a collaboration or licensing opportunity with NapaJen, please contact:

Kazuhiro Kawauchi
Business Development Dept.
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