Direction of the Company

Transforming Patient Care with Next-Generation Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
NapaJen Pharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a new level of oligonucleotide drugs that for the first time can be delivered to target immune cells, overcoming a critical delivery challenge that has limited the development of nucleic acid-based therapeutics to date.

Unlocking Potential of Oligonucleotide Drugs
NapaJen’s proprietary technology includes the world’s only oligonucleotide drug delivery platform capable of targeting Dectin-1 positive immune cells such as dendritic cells and macrophages. Doing so unlocks the potential for the development of oligonucleotide drugs for a range of immune-related therapeutic areas including immune disease, cancer, transplantation, and infectious disease. Furthermore, by leveraging our unique in-house oligonucleotide platform technology, we have demonstrated the ability to advance from target gene sequence information to lead optimization within one year, offering significantly expedited timelines for this early research stage.

Applying Proprietary Approach: Internal Pipeline and Partnering
NapaJen Pharma has built a pipeline of internal drug candidates that includes NJA-730, its lead program in clinical development for prevention of acute immune diseases associated with bone marrow transplants, as well as preclinical programs in the area of immuno-oncology and vaccine adjuvants. In addition to its internal programs, the company is also leveraging its breakthrough delivery technology to position itself as a partner-of-choice for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop their own novel oligonucleotide therapeutics.